Great Question!

I became a counselor

to change how therapists treat trauma survivors!!


Because I experienced so many negative experiences

in my own mental health treatment.

Many therapists don't know what to do with Trauma!!

Yet, the majority of clients

have experienced Trauma!!

I am a Trauma Survivor!!

I am a Trauma Therapist!!

I am a Trauma-Informed Sandtray Therapy Provider!!

Meaning everything I teach is trauma-informed!!

I fell in love with Sandtray

& it's changed my life.

There I sat on the middle of the floor,

during graduate school

with my little miniatures

representing my family.

When my graduate peer

asked me ...

Where are you?

That's when I realized.

wait... a... minute...

Where is my miniature, where am i?

I couldn't believe it!!

I had forgotten myself!!

These little miniatures represented my actual life.

I was sacrificing myself to help others.

I was forgetting myself.

Sandtray Therapy changed my life that day.

I could not forget those miniatures,

nor ignore the truth right in front of me.

Especially because I had chosen the miniatures,

and I had built my own world.

I couldn't even argue with my own sandtray.

Sandtray touched my life so much,

that I knew I wanted to specialize in sandtray,

and teach others how to change lives!!


hands in red sand

The Transformation was Profound!!

That's when I went to my own training

to be a Credentialed Sandtray Therapist

with Amy Flaherty, my sandtray yoda!!


It was the only time in my life

where I could do that many sandtrays

for my own personal growth!!

I jumped in with real struggles.

and over that year,

I made significant

improvements in my personal life!!



I gained so much confidence

after the sandtray training!!

I know how to help clients who get stuck!!

I learned new sandtray skills for all ages!!

Tons of clients have been transformed because of Sandtray Therapy!

I've grown my business,

I've launched into training mental health professionals,

and grown so much in my career!!

Sandtray Therapy transforms lives!!


Do you ever feel stuck in session?

Wonder if a map might help?

During the training,

we'll create a map

of how to use Sandtray Therapy

to help your clients get unstuck!

You'll have tools to use

during session

when you feel lost.

It's such an amazing feeling

to have so many tools at your fingertips.

Want to be a Credentialed Sandtray Therapist?

HSI offers a “Heal the Healer

Sandtray Retreat & Training

to reinvigorate the whole person in mind, body, and spirit!!

Want to be reinvigorated?

Experience holistic strategies

such as

Sandtray Therapy,

Massage Therapy, and

Tai Chi Easy!!

You can engage in Integrative Sandtray Therapy,


trauma-informed approaches,

and creative mind-body-spirit therapies.


EMDR Therapy & Sandtray Therapy

Yep, I'm trained in EMDR Therapy & Sandtray Therapy!!

So, guess what??

I will be using EMDR tools throughout the Sandtray Therapy ICST training!!

  • EMDR Tools
  • Grounding & Sensory Tools
  • Integrative, Holistic Approaches

This ICST Sandtray Therapy training this summer will give you a plan

I want to share so many amazing tools to use when you're stuck!!

  • EMDR Grounding Tools
  • Sandtray Therapy techniques for ALL AGES
  • Centering Tai Chi Easy practices


*This is not a certified EMDR training. I use EMDR tools and techniques in my training.

Heal the Healer: Sandtray Retreat & Training

Feeling tired? Stuck? Burned out?

I created this retreat for you.

Come away & enjoy this personal retreat

and professional development training!

You can get all 4 levels of training

to be an Internationally Credentialed Sandtray Therapist (ICST)!

Come away... get specialized & rejuvenated!!

The Purpose of this Course:

Heal the Healer Sandtray Therapy

Retreat & Training

is to...

Develop basic and advanced

Sandtray & Play Therapy skills



EMDR tools plus

Creative Sandtray Therapy

Play Therapy strategies

2 weeks of retreats &

in-person training

with evidence-based practices and

holistic retreat experiences!!

1 year of online support!!

including 15 case consultations!!

This training is life-changing

and will help you transform

your professional career & personal life!!





Multi-sensory & Hybrid

Can't imagine learning all this on zoom?


ICST is a hybrid credentialing program,

with in-person and online training

This training is a multi-sensory learning experience.

Check this out:

Summer 50-hour credentialed training

for 2 weeks in person (one week each summer),

with 1 year of online support (15 case consultation sessions online)

between July 2021 and July 2022!


need to see the dates??

Here's how it works...

Week 1: July 21-25, 2021

(meet in person for levels 1 & 2)

Then we'll meet online between each SUMMER training,

& you get 15 Case Consultation sessions on zoom

in small groups!

Week 2: July 27-31, 2022

(meet in person for levels 3 & 4)

Get 1 of 7 SPOTS!!

Join the Sandtray Tribe!!

You will get 2 weeks to get specialized & rejuvenated!!

Personal Retreat in a calm, sacred space

  • Massage Therapy each week!
  • Tai Chi Easy™ classes at each Retreat!
  • Mindfulness Meditations & spiritual practices during each Retreat!
  • Integrative Therapies healing mind-body-spirit!

Professional Development Training

  • Featuring all 4 levels of training towards being an Internationally Credentialed Sandtray Therapist (ICST)!!
  • 15 weeks of online Sandtray Therapy consultations during the year!

  • EMDR skills throughout the training
  • Advanced Sandtray Therapy including techniques and directives for specialized populations (children, teens, adults, families, grief, anxiety, trauma)!
  • Neurobiologically-Informed Trauma Therapy with evidence-based practices!!


  • meals each training day with your Sandtray Tribe & Trainers!
  • Beautiful Wooden Sand Tray, painted blue on the inside, great for all ages!!
  • Amazing sand from Jurassic Sands, dust free, chemical free, dye free, asthma & allergy friendly!!
  • And customized gifts just for you each week... including miniatures & gifts!


Become an Internationally Credentialed Sandtray Therapist (ICST)

Levels 1-4

Come away and experience holistic retreat approaches & professional development!

This retreat training includes all 4 levels of training towards being an Internationally Credentialed Sandtray Therapist (ICST)!

You will have the opportunity to complete all Levels 1-4 from an Approved IAST Provider.

Earn 50 CEs!!

The specific levels and objectives are listed below:

Level 1: Introduction to Sandtray Play Therapy (in-person 13 CEs)

Level 2: The Neuroscience of Sandtray Play Therapy (in-person 12 CEs)

Level 3: Advanced Case Consultation and Personal Work in Sandtray Play Therapy (in-person 13 CEs)

Level 4: Advanced Sandtray Therapy course taught by IAST Approved Provider (in-person 12 CEs) with Trauma-Informed Integrative Therapies healing mind-body-spirit

Online Case Consultation

You get a whole year of support!!

Seriously, you get a year of support!!

Completion of 15 online case consultation hours by an approved ICST provider. (15 hours)

Elective Hours Training

In addition to the 50 hours of in-person CE’s and 15 online case consultation hours, applicants must also complete at least 10 hours of ‘electives,’ which are provided within the ICST online training portal.

Completion of the elective hours may also be obtained at the annual Sandtray Therapy Summit.



Level 1: Introduction to Sandtray Play Therapy

Day 1: Based on the content of this workshop, I am able to:

1. Discuss the history of sandtray work in play therapy.

2. Compare the difference between sandtray and sandplay therapy.

3. Describe the materials needed for sandtray work such as miniatures, sand, and sandtrays.

4. Demonstrate skills needed to process sandtray with adults.

5. List 20 directives for sandtray work in play therapy provided by the instructor and create others when given case examples from the instructor.

6. Discuss several case studies of adults and explain the process that occurred within the treatment.

7. Describe 10 themes in the sandtray, including those which indicate mental health concerns and healing.

Level 1 - continued

Day 2 - Based on the content of this workshop, I am able to:

1. Explain developmental issues that occur within sand tray work with children and other special populations.

2. Explain the basics of non-directive play therapy as how it relates to working with children in the sandtray.

3. Apply knowledge from experiencing role play of sandtray work and role play of how this occurs with children and sandtray.

4. Discuss several case studies of children and describe the process that occurred within the play therapy treatment.

5. Explain the latest brain-informed research behind the power of sand tray in play therapy.

6. Identify 3 ways that sandtray can be used in a group and family therapy setting through application of personal group sandtray work.


Day 1 - Based on the content of this workshop, I am able to:

1. Discuss knowledge of the basics of brain structure, especially in how this relates to play therapy.

2. Identify the tenets of interpersonal neuro-biology in a play therapy setting.

3. Revise several case studies in terms of neuroscience integrating with play therapy.

4. Explain how different ages work in the sand and play from a brain science perspective.

5. Recite the effect of trauma on the brain and how this affects sandtray therapy.

6. Apply 2 new techniques to help explain the brain structure and to show how it works in the play and sandtray setting.

Level 2 - continued

Day 2 - Based on the content of this workshop, I am able to:

7. Analyze the Polyvagal theory and how this relates to play and sandtray therapy.

8. Assess sandtrays based within brain science.

9. Demonstrate the importance of implicit vs explicit memories within therapy and play.

10. Use skills to enhance work as a facilitator of sandtray therapy.

11. Utilize the tenets of brain science research into your work in the sandtray.

12. Recite the explanation of how sandtray therapy can be a form of play therapy from a brain-informed method, including the nine pathways of integration.


Day 1 - Based on the content of this workshop, I am able to:

1. Recite how the brain works through the sandtray and play therapy process.

2. Discuss and analyze several personal case studies as well as those provided by the instructor within the play room.

3. Discuss several case consolations provided by participants in the sandtray and play therapy room.

4. Demonstrate personal work in the sandtray with the trainer and participants.

5. Analyze 2-3 differing theories regarding the use of particular methods of sandtray work in the sand and play therapy

6. Apply techniques in the sandtray and play therapy from both the client and therapist’s perspective.

7. Identify 5-6 processing prompts appropriate for both children and adults in sandtray play therapy

Level 3 - continued

Day 2 - Based on the content of this workshop, I am able to:

8. Analyze a live demonstration of the sandtray process and play therapy with a non-participant.

9. Discuss demonstration using clinical tools learned in the sandtray process the previous day.

10. Design 1-2 techniques to use in the sandtray therapy process from a particular theoretical orientation.

11. Assess and critique personal processing skills in the sandtray while in pair exercises.

12. Explain the importance of personal work within the sandtray as a tool to becoming an effective therapist through an experiential exercises.

13. Discuss how to incorporate sandtray and play therapy into other models of therapy.


Day 1 - Based on the content of this workshop, I am able to:

1. Describe 3 key aspects of explaining trauma-informed neuroscience in Play Therapy and Sandtray Therapy with adult clients.

2. Discuss 1 way to calm a dysregulated nervous system in an adult client in a Sandtray & Play Therapy session.

3. Utilize a trauma-informed lens to see adults client’s risky behavior while in a Sandtray & Play Therapy session.

4. Explain current examples of trauma and trauma triggers to adult clients in a Sandtray & Play Therapy session.

5. Demonstrate 3 trauma-informed practices, such as Mindfulness Grounding to use with adult clients in a Sandtray & Play Therapy session.

6. List 4 categories of trauma-informed miniatures a play therapist should include in a sandtray collection geared to adults in a Sandtray & Play Therapy session.

Level 4 - continued

Day 2 - Based on the content of this workshop, I am able to:

7. List 3 question prompts or observations that therapists can use in witnessing and/or processing sandtrays with adults who are experience fight, flight, freeze trauma responses in a Sandtray & Play Therapy session.

8. Apply 2 trauma-informed body-based directive activities to use with adults during a Sandtray & Play Therapy session.

9. Describe 1 way that the sandtray of an adult who has experienced trauma. would differ from the tray of an older school-age child who has experienced trauma during a Play Sandtray Therapy session.

10. Identify at least 1 non-directive which is a trauma-informed co-regulating sandtray-play therapy activity to use with adults.

11. Explain the 3 stages of trauma recovery and what it looks like in the sandtray & play therapy session.

12. Demonstrate 2 sandtray play therapy wellness interventions for treating trauma.


Benefits of the Heal the Healer Sandtray Therapy Retreat & Training:

Benefits include so much more than a regular training!!

  • Tai Chi Easy classes
  • Massage Therapy sessions
  • Personal mind-body-spirit Retreat
  • Safe Sacred Space
  • Professional Development Training
  • Neurobiologically-Informed Trauma Therapy

You will get 2 weeks to get specialized & rejuvenated!!

Come away to the wellness retreat, geared specifically to equip mental health professionals to heal personally in mind-body-spirit.

As therapists, we give so much and find ourselves drained and burned out.

Come away to rejuvenate and find a way to do therapy that is life-giving.

The Heal the Healer Retreat offers hand-crafted experiences for participants to holistically heal & become specialized therapists.

One year of training & support!

One year of monthly payments!


Save Time, Money, and Energy!

This retreat training includes unique mind-body-spirit benefits because it is a personal retreat and a professional development training combined!!

You get both at one location!

Save time!

  • Travel only 2 times a year!
  • The training site is located within walking distance of lodging and restaurants all in downtown Lafayette!
  • 2 weeks of training with evidence-based practices and holistic retreat experiences!!
  • Less travel also saves you travel expenses, more money saved.

Save Money!

  • 2 meals provided per training day!
  • Save 30% off, saving you $1750 limited time!!
  • BONUS: save $2250 with holistic sessions!!
  • SAVE $4000 total!!!

Save Energy!

Worth the Investment!

  • Save energy by being around positive wellness professionals leading the retreat & training.
  • Worth the holistic Investment of mind-body-spirit personal growth and professional development!!
  • Come Away to Rest, Restore, and Rejuvenate!
  • This training is life-changing and will help you transform your professional career & personal life!!

Please read MW & HSI’s Organizational Policies for more information about refunds, accommodations, and cancellation policies.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get a refund if I'm unhappy with my purchase?

We truly want you to be happy with your purchase.

You can get a full refund within 30 days. After 30 days, you can get a credit towards other trainings and online courses offered by HSI.

Please read MW & HSI’s Organizational Policies on the website, which stipulate terms for refunds and cancellations.

Do I have to participate in the training?

Yes, it is important that you participate in the training to get the most out of it. Please read MW & HSI’s Organizational Policies for more information.

How do I get to the training?

Upon purchasing the training, you'll receive further instructions on how to meet us in person and on the onine consultations! Yeah!

Do I need to attend the whole training?

Your presence at the entire training is required. No partial credit can be awarded. There are lots of breaks, as well as many opportunities to move around.

What about disability support?

All venues are ADA compliant or willing to make arrangements.

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